Scientific & Clinical Advisory Board

Philippe Bey, PhD

Dr. Bey has 45 years of experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry where he has participated in and led teams responsible for over 30 Investigational New Drug applications in multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, inflammation, metabolic and central nervous system diseases. Dr. Bey served until October 2016 as Senior Vice President of R&D at Thrasos Therapeutics. Prior to joining Thrasos, Dr. Bey was the Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of R&D at ArQule. He also previously served as U.S. Senior Vice President of R&D at Hoechst Marion Roussel (HMR), now Sanofi.

Shujaath Mehdi, PhD

Dr. Mehdi is an expert in enzyme mechanisms and kinetics, molecular aspects of drug design and translational medicine. Dr. Mehdi joined Merrell Dow (a predecessor company of Sanofi) in 1985 in discovery research after post-doctoral training in enzymology at Harvard University. Dr. Mehdi was instrumental in the design and characterization of enzyme inhibitors for drugs in multiple therapeutic areas. After retirement from Sanofi in 2012 as a Distinguished Scientist, Dr. Mehdi has taught courses on ‘Drug Discovery Through Preclinical Development’ and on ‘Ethics of Science and Technology Management’ in the Master of Business and Science program at Rutgers University, and has lectured on Personalized Medicine at Rutgers and at Columbia University. He is the author of 50 publications, and is the co-inventor of 17 US Patents.

Dr. Norton Peet, PhD

Dr. Peet is provides guidance and direction to industrial and academic organizations on drug discovery and development strategies. Dr. Peet currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer for Chicago BioSolutions, a newly formed drug discovery company. In prior positions, Dr. Peet was Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Microbiotix, where he designed the chemistry for all internal and external research proposals. Dr. Peet is an organic chemist by training (UNL, MIT) and has spent much of his career in big pharma, with the string of companies that led to Aventis (now Sanofi). After Aventis, he joined the executive team at ArQule as Vice President of Discovery Alliances, where he managed alliances with several companies and also built a multidisciplinary Drug Discovery Group. Following ArQule, Dr. Peet was CEO of Aurigene Discovery Technologies, a drug discovery company, and built laboratories in Boston (Lexington) and Bangalore (India). Dr. Peet has authored 175 journal articles and 70 US patents, and has contributed to 25 awarded grant applications. He has organized numerous international symposia and serves on several editorial and scientific advisory boards.