Dr. Mehdi is an expert in enzyme mechanisms and kinetics, in biochemical and molecular aspects of drug design, discovery and development, and in translational medicine. Dr. Mehdi holds a doctorate degree in biochemistry from Yale University. After postdoctoral training at Harvard University, he joined Merrell Dow (a predecessor company of Sanofi) in Discovery Research. Over his career, he held the positions of Lab Head, Project Team Leader, and Group Leader of the Enzyme Chemistry group and was instrumental in the design and characterization of enzyme inhibitors as drugs in multiple therapeutic areas. Prior to retirement as a Distinguished Scientist, Dr. Mehdi led a cross-functional Translational Medicine group, whose responsibility was to ensure the success of pre-clinical and clinical projects in the immunoinflammation therapeutic area. After retirement from Sanofi, Dr. Mehdi taught courses on “Drug Discovery through Preclinical Development” and “Ethics for Science and Technology Management” in the Master of Business and Science program at Rutgers University, and has lectured on personalized medicine at Rutgers and at Columbia University. He has authored and co-authored 50 publications and holds 17 US patents as co-inventor.